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Wolfbaene ~ Michelle Dennis

Published January 5, 2015 by Michelle Dennis - Author

The lantern above him flickered to life; William knew it must be meal time if the lanterns were being switched on, but he had no intention of going back to his dorm. He had to work out what the leather~bound book was all about. For as long as he could remember, he had carried it around in his backpack – which wasn’t strange in itself, but, the pages were blank; that was until he had turned seventeen just days before. Then, words began to appear. Not just words, but runes that swam across the page – curly letters forming strange words that made his eyes strain and his heart race.

This year will bring lots of new and exciting things for Wolfbaene!


While I finish Wolfbaene ~ The Next Quest, I’ll be working hard at a second edition (fresh cover too!) For Wolfbaene.

2014 was a fantastic year for Wolfbaene and I’m sure the fun will continue in 2015, with festivals, school visits and much more. And to let you all into a little secret, Orrin may even be working on his own children’s picture book!




If your new to William’s adventure, here’s some links to purchase your copy

Or flick me an email for a signed copy


Mapmaker Chronicles ~ Race to the End of the World Book 1

Published January 5, 2015 by Michelle Dennis - Author

Allison Tait’s book, Mapmaker Chronicles ~ Race to the End of the World, caught my attention recently. Okay, as my friends know, just mention the words dragon or magic and you have my attention – but the great cover also caught my eye!


14 year Quinn leads a quiet life, on a farm with his older brothers. But, he has a special talent that has caught the attention of the king and things are about to get crazy.

The king wants a map of the world and Quinn has to help him get one. A contest is set up and the winner who brings back a map of the world will receive a handsome prize – the losers? Well, let’s just not talk about them.

Quinn sets off with a mismatched crew of slaves and stowaways to do as the king has ordered (and hopefully survive the sea monsters).


The Mapmaker Chronicles: Race to the End of the World is action packed and full of intrigue. Alison Tait is a true story teller and it’s been an absolute pleasure reading this book (nope, not to my kids – they’re all grown up).

If you love books like Wolfbaene, Deltora Quest or Narnia, you’ll love this one (and so will your kids!)

Here’s some places to purchase:


Kidnapped by a Dragon!

Published March 15, 2014 by Michelle Dennis - Author
View from the cave!

View from the cave!

Er… Hi there, this is William, William Knight. I’ve just had the most unbelievable few hours of my life; to put it mildly. Peter Cooper, the school bully, gave me a blood nose – in the college library, of all places! This led to Miss Flett being out for my blood and me escaping out onto the college grounds, to hide in the darkness, just by the skin of my teeth. Then, to add to this, the strange book that I’ve been carrying around in my backpack for as long as I can remember, started showing me strange runes across it’s normally blank pages – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but somehow it felt pretty normal. How is that normal? Around about then, things went pear-shaped. I must have passed out. I woke up in a dark cave with a kid staring into my face telling me we’d been kidnapped by dragons. Dragons! Two, in fact. And not just your average fire-breathing, man-eating dragon, these two were friendly, talking, intelligent dragons.

In the last few hours I’ve been told I’m to rescue the queen from a dungeon guarded by a malicious king who stole the throne from her and murdered her husband. The queen is my mother, which makes me the son of the king who had his throne stolen. And you know what that means? I am a prince. Me! William Knight, prince of Chermside Castle. It’s beyond unbelievable, but I believe it. I want to believe it because I’m seventeen and I have nothing else to believe in. Growing up in a boarding school, with absolutely no family or friends, does that to you. Now I’m being told I’m to become a knight, learn to ride a horse, kill the king, and return the town of Chermside back to how it was – and I believe it. The only problem is, the kid who was staring at me when I woke up is my brother, Thomas. I don’t think like him…

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