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Two boys, two dragons, a magic book and an epic adventure!

Published July 5, 2015 by Michelle Dennis - Author

The lantern above him flickered to life. William knew it must be meal time if the lanterns were coming on, but he did not intend to return to his dorm. He had to work out what was happening with the leather~bound book. For as long as he could remember, William  had carried it around in his backpack, but the pages were blank. That was until he had turned seventeen, just days before. Suddenly, from the day of his birthday, words began to appear on the pages. Not just words, but runes, which swam across the page, and curly letters forming strange words that made his eyes strain and his heart race. Stranger still was that the words were written in handwriting that seemed familiar to William – like that of a long lost friend or relative.




I have always loved books. From Golden Books, Peter Pan, Puff the Magic Dragon, Redwood, Narnia, Peter Rabbit and many more, my imagination fed on the words of these stories.

As an adult, with children of my own, I still love to read stories of magic, adventure and romance. (My writing room is filled with books and trinkets a dragon would be jealous of!)

Wolfbaene is my precious gift to the wonderful world of literature and I truly hope you like it!

Xx Mich

Wolfbaene – The Next Quest

Published November 29, 2014 by Michelle Dennis - Author

If you don’t have Wolfbaene, here’s the link


Here’s a little snippet of what to expect in book #2!

‘Nice hair-do, bro.’ Thomas couldn’t help his snide remarks any more than he could help his good looks.

‘Hey, thanks, Thom,’ William said, quite cheerfully, until he noticed his brother’s wicked smirk. ‘Oh, well you’d do well to get your mane tidied up too – if you want to impress anyone enough for them to actually consider accompanying you to the wedding.’

‘I don’t need to impress anyone… and stop using big words this early in the morning, you’re making my head hurt.’

William raised his eyebrows, watching Thomas pile his plate high with bacon and eggs like an ape.

To be continued…

And here’s the back cover!

final back cover draft

Another Fun Day!

Published October 20, 2014 by Michelle Dennis - Author

This year has been amazing! Wolfbaene turned 1 and to celebrate, we participated in the Perth SupaNova. It was our first big day out and we were all quite nervous. This would be my first book signing ~ what if nobody bought a book!




The SupaNova turned out to be a fabulous weekend and now I felt much more confident. Book Week was around the corner!



Chatting with primary school children inspired me to keep going. Showing kids my book, discussing character development and plot, aswell as sharing my love of fantasy, really gave me a huge buzz.





We then moved onto another festival, where we’d showcase Wolfbaene and introduce Orrin as our mascot. The Medieval Festival would be perfect for my medieval book! I met some really beautiful families and people were amazed at my generosity in giving proceeds from the sale of my book to Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital. Exhausting, but exhilarating, the Medieval Carnivale in Balingup was a magical weekend.

Now, we have one more fun day to join in on, before Christmas approaches. Alinjarra Primary School, hosting a fun day, will be the next forum for Wolfbaene and it’s characters.


I’ll post pictures here, afterwards! So keep an eye on this page 🙂



Mich xx

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