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The Next Quest – With Michelle Dennis 

Published September 23, 2017 by Michelle Dennis - Author

I’ve been writing and love my time spent with Orrin. Great battles, magic and knights of honour always get my attention!

Chapter Five
Orrin took to the sky, leaving the castle and his village behind. He couldn’t believe how close they’d come to losing Miss Emma today and he just couldn’t bare it. He would fetch her some Acacia blossoms, this would cheer her up and in turn cheer him up too. It had been such a turbulent few years, with the loss of the king, his family and then dear Abbey, the one thing he couldn’t lose was Miss Emma. He would fight tooth and claw for that dear girl.

His wings beat hard against the wind as he soared up and over the pine forest surrounding Chermside, the fluffy clouds passing over his scales. He loved being up here; the fresh, clean air filled his lungs and he couldn’t help but let a puff of smoke escape his nostrils. Then as his excitement rumbled in his throat he allowed a ball of fire to roll over his tongue and out of his mouth. He loved being a dragon but wondered for a moment what it would be like to have the ability to shape-shift like some crofters or the wolverines…


This thought brought him back to Miss Emma. Those cursed creatures could have killed her! His anger rose up from deep in his belly and this time he breathed fire like a true dragon. A mighty dragon. An angry dragon.

Here’s the link to book one Wolfbaene 


Reading and Writing with author Michelle Dennis 

Published September 10, 2017 by Michelle Dennis - Author

I’m currently working on the sequel to my middle-grade children’s fantasy and it’s almost finished!

With new adventures, secrets and magic, there’s going to be an epic finale. 

The first book, Wolfbaene, was created out of a sudden desire to write something my children would love to read and quickly became something I found adults enjoying too. Don’t we all love a little magic and endearing characters taking us into a world of wonder? 

I’m not great at punctuation or grammar, but I have discovered I’m quite imaginative. So, when I completed my first manuscript and had it assessed professionally, I was a little excited to have the assessor tell me to continue writing and go ahead with getting Wolfbaene published.

If you have a story bursting to be written, I beg you to do it. Write, read and write… read a lot of other works of the same genre. Read! Discover the themes other use, take a mental note on how subjects are broached and find out how characters deal with situations. Then, spend time on your WIP like visiting with a friend. Sit and focus on what your characters are doing. Write down everything! Everything. And when your story finally comes to a close, get ready to be harsh – there’s usually a great deal of “fluff” that needs come out.

So sharpen your pencils and open your mind!

Here’s a little snippet from my first published book, Wolfbaene. 

                         Chapter Seven 

The air still held a slight chill, but as the sun peered over the top of the distant mountain peaks, it seemed to offer promise of a warm sunny day. Lichen hung from the enormous trees, resembling long white beards. William’s eyes grew wider and wider, when he noticed the bluebell flowers turn into tiny fairies as they fell from the vines that twisted up the tree trunks. Forest flowers of every colour peeped out from the tall green grass, which grew on either side of the track they followed – and strangely, he felt very comfortable, the same feeling he got when he climbed into bed at night.
Fury was proving to be quite easy-natured; at odds to his name and appearance. William quickly learned how to hold the reins and after each tumble and the arrival of a new bruise, he understood the name of his horse; it was a strong name and he liked it. He gradually adjusted himself to the horse’s rhythm.
Orrin led the two boys along the winding track, which led through ravines and deep tunnels and gave them passage into the looming mountains.
Eventually the dragon came to a stop, panting quite heavily – obviously not used to walking such a long distance.
‘This is where I shall leave you,’ he said, moving his wings as he spoke. ‘I will meet up with you later.’

Two boys, two dragons, a werewolf and a magic book 🐉🕍🗡🐺👑📖


*Proceeds go to Perth Children’s Hospital

Two boys, two dragons, a magic book and an epic adventure!

Published July 5, 2015 by Michelle Dennis - Author

The lantern above him flickered to life. William knew it must be meal time if the lanterns were coming on, but he did not intend to return to his dorm. He had to work out what was happening with the leather~bound book. For as long as he could remember, William  had carried it around in his backpack, but the pages were blank. That was until he had turned seventeen, just days before. Suddenly, from the day of his birthday, words began to appear on the pages. Not just words, but runes, which swam across the page, and curly letters forming strange words that made his eyes strain and his heart race. Stranger still was that the words were written in handwriting that seemed familiar to William – like that of a long lost friend or relative.




I have always loved books. From Golden Books, Peter Pan, Puff the Magic Dragon, Redwood, Narnia, Peter Rabbit and many more, my imagination fed on the words of these stories.

As an adult, with children of my own, I still love to read stories of magic, adventure and romance. (My writing room is filled with books and trinkets a dragon would be jealous of!)

Wolfbaene is my precious gift to the wonderful world of literature and I truly hope you like it!

Xx Mich

Meet the Author: Elaine Ouston

Published July 5, 2015 by Michelle Dennis - Author

In Their Own Write

ELAINE’S TOP WRITING TIP: Writing is a profession. Like any other profession, you need to invest time and money to learn how to be the best. Learn the craft by taking lots of workshops and make sure your manuscript is the best it can be before it goes out by paying an editor to find your mistakes. A writer is far too close to their work to see the mistakes they have made.  


Elaine Ouston p5smallElaine Ouston lives in Queensland, Australia. She has a Master of Letters in Creative Writing. She edits for other writers, is managing editor at Morris Publishing Australia, and has set up a writers’ centre, Gondor Writers’ Centre, in Kilcoy, Qld where she teaches writing to adults and children.

Her four published children’s books vary from a picture book to two books in a fantasy series, The Mystery of Nida Valley, for 9–16 year-olds. She…

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A sight word magician

Published March 21, 2015 by Michelle Dennis - Author

Jenny Graham - abcJenny


Learning sight words or any words are hard for children. Either they have worked out the magic of sounding out words and they then stumble on a word like ‘was’ or they see the word circus and wonder why it doesn’t start with a /k/ sound.

Have some fun with your kids, make learning something they enjoy and ask you to do over and over again.

Here are 5 magical quick games that will help your child learn sight words and are fun.

* These activities can be used with letters, numbers, spelling words, even scientific equations for University if your child is of that age.

magic 6A simple one which can be used with a pirate’s treasure chest, a secret box or magical magician’s memory minder. Hide a Golden Words, sight word, letters etc in the box. You may like to list the words on the outside to help your child remember what…

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The Dragons Are Singing Tonight

Published February 18, 2015 by Michelle Dennis - Author


The Dragons Are Singing Tonight is a picture book from the notable children’s poet, Jack Prelutsky, with illustration by Peter Sis. It was published in 1993 by Greenwillow and is part of a set by the same author featuring other fantastic creatures such as ogres.

Each of the 17 short poems stands alone, yet connected by the general theme of dragons. There’s a good balance between short and snarky poems with longer, meditative ones. Although the focus is mostly on children wishing they could have dragons for pets, something longtime readers will know irritates me, Prelutsky does find time for the dragon’s perspective. Here’s the third of the volume:

If You Don’t Believe In Dragons, by Jack Prelutsky

If you don’t believe in dragons

It is curiously true

That the dragons you disparage

Choose not to believe in you.

My personal favorite is “I Am My Master’s Dragon,” a poignant statement of the…

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Review! Camp Bad Guy Episode 1: The Worst Kids in the World by Ellis Weiner

Published January 24, 2015 by Michelle Dennis - Author

This Kid Reviews Books

campbadCamp Bad Guy Episode 1: The Worst Kids in the World

By Ellis Weiner

131 pages – ages 11+

Published by Frederator Books, LLC  on October 13, 2014

Synopsis: Jim Goode is a… Good kid. So why are his parents forcing him to come to Camp Bad Guy? It’s a summer camp that trains kids to be the world’s next dictators, supervillains, and just plain psychos! They’re encouraged to steal, cheat, trick, etc. And Jim is honest! After arriving at camp, Jim starts wondering if he really knows his parents after all. How will a good kid survive at Camp Bad Guy?

What I Liked: This book was awesome! It creates a new world that you will love and hate at the same time! I like how the descendants of the villains come from villains that are “real” (one of the counselors is James Bond’s best enemy’s grandson), while others…

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