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The Book of Bleak Magic ~ Wolfbaene

Published August 30, 2014 by Michelle Dennis - Author

The lantern above him flickered to life; William knew it must be meal time if the lanterns were being switched on, but he had no intention of going back to his dorm. He had to work out what the leather~bound book was all about. For as long as he could remember, he had carried it around in his backpack – which wasn’t strange in itself, but, the pages were blank; that was until he had turned seventeen just days before. Then, words began to appear. Not just words, but runes that swam across the page – curly letters forming strange words that made his eyes strain and his heart race.



Author – D.S. Williams

Published August 30, 2014 by Michelle Dennis - Author

I’ve enjoyed this author’s work! A fresh voice, intriguing story and real page turner 🙂

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DS William’s Biography


Wife and mother to four demanding teenagers, D.S. Williams started writing at the age of five, when life was simpler and her stories really didn’t have to make much sense. When you’re five, happily ever after always ended the story and how you got there didn’t matter so much.

Older and wiser, D.S. Williams has continued to write… and write… and write. With the support and encouragement of her husband and friends, she has finally come to the conclusion that she can’t keep hiding from the world forever and should try sharing the numerous novels which have been written over the past 40+ years.

.S. Williams enjoys writing (obviously), reading (voraciously) and making lists (obsessively). She shares her life with her husband of twenty six years, the gang of four and the current furry residents, Tuppence & Angus.

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DS William’s Books



The Nememiah…

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Author – Michelle Dennis

Published August 30, 2014 by Michelle Dennis - Author

Yep, this is me!

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Michelle’s Biography

I live in Ellenbrook, Perth, Western Australia; nestled amid a beautiful pine forest (probably filled with magical creatures). A few special pastimes of mine are reading, watching the sunset, cooking for my family and writing. Some people (mostly my children) think I am a little crazy, but I think my lifelong obsession for dragons, gallant knights, faery folk, epic battles and winged horses is actually quite common. What I do consider to be a little off-centre are the characters who walk into my mind’s eye on regular intervals and demand I tell their story – some quiet rude and some just desperate to tell their tale.

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Michelle’s Books

Wolfbaene – Michelle Dennis


William Knight doesn’t belong in Trinity Boys College. He is bullied constantly and is always wondering why he doesn’t fit in. When he is suddenly whisked away from the human world to the medieval village of…

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Book Week

Published August 20, 2014 by Michelle Dennis - Author

#Bookweek2014 has been a whirl of excitement for me! My kids are all grown up, and having published my first #children’s #medieval book, it’s been a chance for me to do what I really enjoy: read kid’s books and talk with kids about reading.
St Helena’s Primary School from grade 1 to 6 asked questions and showed me their own narrative skills ~ absolutely mind blowing!
Wolfbaene ~ The Next Quest coming soon! Get your copy of Wolfbaene now 🙂




Book Reader’s Delight

Published August 17, 2014 by Michelle Dennis - Author

Take a look at this young lady and her passion for books! This is why I write. To see young readers excited about books! She was my first young reader for Wolfbaene and a very important editor before it went back to the publisher for final edits. Her encouragement and excited over my first book will never be forgotten.
Check it out for yourself!


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