Meet Thomas

Published March 3, 2014 by Michelle Dennis - Author

Meet Thomas

I have been kidnapped by a talking dragon! Abducted from celebrating my legendary win with my soccer team and dragged to this dreary cave. This crazy yellow dragon is talking to me as though he knows me! And to make matters worse, another one has just arrived with a large parcel. A green dragon, as big as a dinosaur. I don’t know what they think they’re going to do with me but I’m not waiting to find out. I’m out of here… Hang on, the parcel is moving! Oh jeez, it’s a boy. What the heck are these dragons up to? They’ve brought another kid here to this cave. And now they’re talking to him. It’s a boy about 17, with the same dark brown hair as mine. Are they collecting kids like me?

Now the kid is sitting up. We’ve been kidnapped alright. Kidnapped by two talking dragons and they’re spinning us some ridiculous story of a queen locked up in a dungeon, a king who stole the throne and some grumpy knight who just arrived on the back of a Pegasus – and to top it all off, they think this kid and I are brothers and we belong in this strange place.

I’m not hanging around, catch you all later…

Signed, Thomas Knight


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